Is there such a thing as too much ranch dressing? If you're like my kids, the answer is: no. And that means this new product is perfect for you.

Hidden Valley Ranch announced that they'll be selling a new item for the holidays this year: magnums of ranch dressing. Each bottle is filled with 1.75 liters of ranch, that's about six times more dressing than the standard eight-ounce bottles.

If you want one, and I know you do, they go on sale on Hidden Valley's website on December 3rd. The magnums will cost you $25 and come in a custom-designed box.

Your love of ranch dressing doesn't have to stop there. Hidden Valley also has a holiday store with a bunch of ranch-themed stuff. You can get ranch wrapping paper, ranch ornaments, ranch bottle tree topper, and even a six-and-a-half-foot inflatable ranch bottle lawn decoration.

Hidden Valley
Hidden Valley

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