It was today in 2009 that Ozzy Osbourne sued his former bandmate Tony Iommi over the rights to the "Black Sabbath" name, and the important part...50% of Iommi's profits from merchandise, etc. from "illegitimately" taking the trademark.  I can't say for sure, but it FELT at the time that more fans supported Tony, who stuck with the "Sabbath" name and project all along, adding new band members to keep the band alive, and turning out some good rock and roll most of the time.  Tony also claims the other original Sabbath members knowingly relinquished their rights to the name Black Sabbath back in the 80's.  By the way, Tony had filed suit  a year earlier against Live nation, for roughly the same thing .. selling merchandise with the Sabbath logo, names, likenesses, etc.  I'm not taking sides, but I will say that it didn't look good that Ozzy waited until 2009 to do this.  He says he was attempting other means to resolve it, which was probably true, but that wait was a big hole in the sky.. (ok, that was bad, I know...)