By now you've heard that American Sniper had a big weekend. Record dollars for a January release, a few Oscar nominations, and a huge dose of patriotism to boot.

But this movie is so much more that a great story. It's told by a great director in Clint Eastwood. I expected the intense action. What caught me off-guard was the intense emotion and side story of the fight our military face every time they come home from deployment. It's a lonely battle with an opponent you can't see, because he's you.

Eastwood told that part of the story with more pinpoint accuracy than any of the shooting sequences. That's why this movie is doing so well. And that's why you should go see it. Any movie and entertain you. But this one is riveting, and you leave the theatre knowing why the story was told to you. Enlightenment. Not a bad trade-off for an $8.00 ticket.

(Village Roadshow Pictures)