I'm as guilty as the next guy.

You make a fabulous slab of ribs, or chicken, or steak or burgers on the grill.  Our fathers would remove the food, bring it inside and eat.  Ah, simple times.  We have to get a camera, call over our friends and make sure the heat or smoke from the grill didn't hurt the delicious-ness of the image.

Maybe you're celebrating your anniversary at a fancy restaurant.  The dessert comes and before you can dig in, the wife is asking for the waiter to get a picture...one with us in it next to the cheesecake like it's Brad Pitt, and another without us in the shot.

Wine is a huge subject of your food posts.  Well, any alcohol.  It says, "I wish I had finished more of this."

So why do we all have a food picture on our social media sites.  It's our one unifying factor.  We all have to eat.  And frankly we are all curious if there's something out there that we might like more, or haven't heard of.

I will scroll past pages of family pictures, first-day-of-school shots, baby announcements, and pet posts, but whoa--did I just see baked, crumb-covered crab-stuffed peppers?

We need food more than people, more than family.  Picture your big Thanksgiving gathering if we all sat at the table but no food came?  But Gramma doesn't make it?  No biggie, more FOOD for us...