CNN’s John Berman was reporting live in Charleston about the church shooting when a woman started shouting at him in the background. The anchors kept their cool and after they came back from a break, she was gone.

A CNN live shot in Charleston, S.C. was disrupted Thursday hours after police arrested Dylann Storm Roof for the brutal killing of nine people at a predominantly African-American church.

During a hit by CNN’s John Berman on the scene in Charleston, a woman suddenly appeared and started shouting at the host, repeatedly asking the host if he was “angry.”

“There’s a lot of heartbreak to go around in this city today,” Berman started off.

“‘No, we’re mad, we’re angry,” the woman started shouting at Berman. “Tell the truth.”

The Daily Caller

People know that their voice will be heard on the news, as long as they keep yelling. Just like this guy... "GOOOOO RAIDERS!"