Can a memory influence the enjoyment of a beer?  Absolutely, but my great memories of this delicious lager won't help you decide if it's worth buying.  So first the memory, then the review.

Back in, I don't know, '82 or '83 my folks went on a weekend trip.  Much like the kind I enjoy with my wife now that the kids are in high school.  I spent Friday through Sunday at our home, allowed by my folks to have a friend stay the weekend, "To keep me company."  I wasn't a bad kid, or prone to parties, so it seemed a low risk weekend plan for my folks.  So Steve Gibson came over that Friday afternoon.  Shortly after, his older brother showed up with the beer we had asked him to bring us.  He gave us a case of Lite Beer, and threw in something, "We should try."  That was this here Harp.

Even as a high schooler I could tell that this beer was made with love.  Crafted in Ireland, probably more for drinking by responsible adults in a Pub than by a couple of High school kids throwing a party nobody came to.  So there we were, tunes cranked, by the pool, waiting on the crowd with 12 Miller Lites and a 6 of Harp.  It's possible I was even bold enough to go across the street to Julie Dunn's house, just to put it out there that it was an "open house party" at the D-man's place, should she want to grab a few girl friends of her own and come by to get "Crazy."

Well, she was babysitting or some such nonsense--and I didn't have the patience to wait around.  The memory gets foggy here, but I believe in the end, Steve and I played pool upstairs and drank the Harps, feeling like George Thorogood in the 'Bad To The Bone' video.  Can't recall what happened to the Lite.  Thus began my love affair with hoppy, roasty tasting lagers.  Not so much with Julie Dunn, who may still be babysitting for all I know.

Just the facts:

Bottle temp at opening: 38 degrees.

Drinking temp: 38 degrees.

Nose: strong with a hint of root beer barrel candy.

Taste: Straight ahead lager. More robust, less sweet than a Bud

6 out of 6 bottles

Brewed by the makers of Guinness, it's not a tough prediction that I like this powerful lager.  It's true taste of hops, barley, malt and a hint of coffee are perfectly blended.  This particular bottle was brewed and bottled in Canada, so aside from it's identity crisis (Irish Beer, Maple leaf made) I can't find a flaw.  Chill 'em up and knock 'em down.  Perfect for watching ND football. Or playing pool with your best friend when nobody else shows up for your big party.