Today is Terence "Geezer" Butler's birthday !!  The Black Sabbath bassist turns 65 today... and I have a story!   In the early-70's at a Black Sabbath concert, when it was time for them to go on, the band put his arms over their shoulders and carried him on to the stage. While he appeared to be almost passed-out, they strapped his guitar on him, lifted his arm up, and dropped his hand across the strings (fully-amped) about 3 or 4 times until he became "coherent" enough to play... The crowd was going nuts by now, but he "came to" and played the whole show .. even had a bad solo in the middle of it!  I tried for a long time to find out if it was a 'hoax" or not .. I even asked Ozzy once but he couldn't recall the show.  So I guess we'll never know, but it sure was interesting..   so Sabbath fans.. today I salute you!