As I just finished playing a request for Damn Yankees "High Enough" on the 5:00 Punch-out, I wanted to acknowledge Tommy Shaw's 61st Birthday!   Tommy was one of the keys to Styx' success - he wrote some of their best songs ("Mademoiselle"  "Fooling Yourself"  "Renegade"  "Blue Collar Man" )  plus "High Enough" with Damn Yankees... a band that I wish could have kept going... all that talent!   Not to mention, he and Jack Blades have written stuff for lots of others, including Aerosmith, Ozzy, and Motley Crue.

I give him credit for not wanting to stick around while Dennis DeYoung was ruining Styx ... and I give him credit for returning and now sharing the leadership with James Young and restoring Styx' image.  So today, let's wish a happy birthday to that kid from Montgomery, Alabama who passed the audition back in 1975 and became a household name!