Today, Todd Rundgren reached social security age...born in Philly in 1948.  He was an excellent songwriter - one of the best, and while his best songs as an artist were almost all confined to the 70's .. don't forget that Packers Theme song "Bang the Drum All Day" from 1982.  He tried once to be one of the first artists to actually tour with a genuine quadrophonic sound system.  It didn't work because it was too difficult to manage, but you gotta give him credit for trying.  Once he got serious about producing, in no time he was in very high demand, and he still commands respect in the studio today.  He was claimed to be Liv Tyler's father and he helped support her even after she was made aware that Steven Tyler was her actual father at age 9.  She does still have a relationship with him today.   But for fans of the "Runt" ... today I salute you!