Make fun if you want, but a movie that I loved and have DVR'd and watched a hundred times came out today in 1987 ... La Bamba.  Lou Diamond Phillips did a great job as Ritchie Valens, yes, but that's just the beginning of what's to love about that movie.  Los Lobos did an great soundtrack, especially Cesar Rosas "Skinnin' it back" on guitar on the title song .. there's a way too underrated and pretty amazing live band for 'ya!  Howard Huntsberry from the 80's band Klique did a pretty impressive performance as Jackie Wilson.  Marshall Crenshaw and Brian Setzer .. how cool to have them in the movie!   The performance from one of my favorite actors (especially the recording scenes) Joey "Pants" Pantoliano was fantastic, so was the performance by Esai Morales most of the time ... and it was just cool, that Ritchie Valens' mother was asked to be in the movie, she made a cameo in one of the party scenes.  A great story, a great movie, great actors and great musicians ... and I've been lovin' it for 27 years.