Today is Rolling Stones' bassist Bill Wyman's 78th Birthday ...  WHAT ??   78  ??  Do the others lie about their age ....??   hmmmm ..

I think the thing I found most surprising about Bill Wyman is that he was once voted in to the "Living Sex Legend" club by Maxim magazine.  Criteria:  Sleeping with over 1000 women.   I can't hardly believe this since I always thought next to Brian Jones (his pal) Wyman was the pouty and whiney one, and meeting him in person did NOTHING to change my mind!  He sat like a bump with a scowl on his face and tried not to talk to anybody .. so how is did this guy have any "game" at all...?

Well, he was THE Stones bassist ... and part of maybe the best rhythm section of any classic rock band ... so I won't say a bad word about his career.  And on his birthday today ... I salute you Stones fans!!