Today is Gordon Matthew Sumner's birthday .. he was born 10/2/51 making him 63 today.  His nickname "Sting" came from some fellow musicians who said at one of his earliest performances, that his black-and-yellow sweater made him look like a bee.  He's been Sting ever since.

He's a good guy, a charitable guy... a class act ... but as an artist I haven't always been a big fan.  I'll take any of the Police albums - no problem!  But his solo stuff, not so much.  I feel bad for him for him losing both parents to cancer right before he began his solo career, but it can't make me like the music.  Put me in a room with any post-1984 Sting music (or anything from Sting's "mini-me" Dave Matthews) and I go right to sleep.  Sorry.   But I clearly acknowledge Sting's stardom and his accomplishments and tip my hat to him today ... and of course to all his fans, today I salute you!