Today is the 67th birthday of one of the Coolest guys in the music business, and one very cool "Red Rocker" ... Sammy Hagar.  He had a great run with Montrose, an even better solo career, and then 4 multi-platinum albums with Van Halen, making it practically impossible to argue which version of Van Halen was more successful.  But he's also one of the coolest guys to know ..  you might remember back in 1998 he came and played a "warm up" concert before the opening show of his "Marching to Mars" tour, for almost no fee.  We wanted to do a 97X 25th Anniversary concert for a $9.70 ticket price, and Sammy said "sure, I'll help 'ya out!"   One time, up at the Monsters of Rock weekend, we were staying at the same Lake Geneva hotel as most of the bands.  There were some young girls who snuck in to the hotel to meet Van Halen and got caught.  Sammy came out of his room and stopped them from being arrested by local police who were on the scene within minutes.  He didn't know them, but I watched him "negotiate their release" and then load them up with autographs and take a few pictures.  That's the kind of "cool" he is... you can also hear it in any of the interviews he has done with Dwyer & Michaels ... it's like listening to 3 friends in a living room.

So on this day, not only do I salute all Sammy fans ...  I also can't wait to play one of his classics on the 5:00 Punch-Out today !   Come to think of it .... he deserves a "two-fer" !