Today is the 66th anniversary of the day Jackson Browne was born in Heidelberg, Germany ... He's a Hall-of-Famer, an awesome guitarist, an awesome pianist, an awesome performer, writer, advocate, and philanthropist ... and most people believe him to be a great guy.   His first wife committed suicide 3 months after their wedding, leaving him alone with their 2 year old son ...  wouldn't wish that on anyone ...  and to date, the big dark cloud of mystery over him is whether he did-or-did-not beat up Darryl Hannah.  Her uncle says he visited her in the hospital and saw the evidence ..  The police say they were there 5 minutes at the house and no arrests were made.  Darryl never filed charges either.

It would be an unfortunate tarnishing of an otherwise stellar career if it's true.  But it would be even more of a shame for the victim, Darryl.  So with my shoulders shrugged, I salute you today, JB fans....take it easy..