Today we'd be wishing a happy birthday to Farrokh Bulsara ... a happy 68th ... had he not died from complications arising from AIDS 23 years ago.  He was born in Zanzibar, lived also in India, and then moved to England and became Freddie Mercury.

If you rank the top rock "front men" of all time, he's easily in the top 3.  If you rank the top rock "vocalists" of all time, he's easily in the top 3.   If you rank the those with both criteria,  he's number 1.  Rollins Stone magazine had the audacity to place him 18th amongst vocalists ..... utterly ridiculous!

This is the time of year that springs many benefit concerts and charitable programs all in his name, and they are all worthy.  If you see one, read of one, or even just hear Queen on the radio today ... give a moment of silence for Freddie... who, whether you condemned him or not, left an indelible impression on the world.