David Howell Evans is having a birthday today.  He was given the nickname "The Edge" by one of his U2 band mates, because of the shape of his head .... weird?   The Edge is definitely a quiet superstar ... he has said of himself..." I am a musician, not a gunslinger..." because his style is not overpowering.  He's also a pretty charitable guy, and a bit of an environmentalist, but the story out of California is that he bought 150 acres of land near Malibu and wanted to build 5 mansions on it.  The state and local commissions went crazy and began to block it.  So it took a 1-million dollar donation to the conservancy AND a promise to only build on 50 of the acres for him to get the green light.  So on his 53rd birthday, U2 and Edge fans... I salute you!