Happy birthday to John Mellencamp today .. he was born in Seymour, Indiana 63 years ago.  An eastern Indiana town almost the same distance away from Louisville, Cincinnati, and Indy ... I like him.  I used to like him a lot more, but the way I feel now is pretty much .. "I like your music,  just shut up about everything else"

He had a tough start, I gotta respect that.  He's honest, I gotta respect that too.  He started Farm Aid, I respect that ...  he's made some awesome songs, I definitely respect that.  But I also remember he was quite a prick when I did a phone interview with him, and these days I've had enough of his politics.  So I still love the songs, but I don't automatically get all "warm and fuzzy" at the mention of his name.  Nevertheless, today John Cougar or Mellencamp fans, I salute you!