Today is the 68th birthday for Eagles' guitarist Don Felder.  He never sought, nor was ever given much credit for all he did with The Eagles, but rightfully stood his ground when he and other members of the band were about to get screwed by Glenn Frey and Don Henley at "reunion time".  Good for him!  By the way, that's Don doing most of the guitar work on Hotel California.

He was born 3 years earlier than Tom Petty in Gainesville, Florida so they must have known each other.  One can only wonder how much better The Heartbreakers might have been had Don joined that band instead of heading for California and winding up with The Eagles.

So to a self-taught, talented guitarist (except for learning the slide guitar from Duane Allman) and all around "good guy" .. Here's wishing Don Felder a great day!