Poet, Lyricist, Collaborator ... Genius!  Bernie Taupin of Elton John fame was born on this date in 1950, and is probably celebrating quietly on his ranch in California.  He has written songs for 47 years, and given them to many other rock stars like Alice Cooper, Heart, Starship .. but his work with Elton John is what defines him.  Even Elton said "..without Bernie Taupin, there would have been NO Elton John...".  There was speculation about his personal relationship with Elton, but "the Brown Dirt Cowboy" would tell you "don't bother"...  (That's his current wife in the picture).. as most of their successful compilations were written without any interaction anyway.  Elton would take the lyrics and put the music to them without Bernie even being there.  I say you could not have lived in the 70's or 80's and not have loved at least one or two of his songs ... So on this day, Elton John fans, I salute you!