Have you ever debated, over a few drinks with friends, the greatest rock singer ever...?   Many times for me.  And while others debate between Robert Plant, Mick Jagger, Lou Gramm ...and other males ... I say it just might be Ann Wilson of Heart.  You've probably heard me say it on the air, and I'll stick by it, especially on her 63rd Birthday.  Her early work ... "Crazy on you" ... "Dreamboat Annie"  ... "Barracuda" ... her middle-third work .. "Alone" .. "Almost Paradise" .. "What about Love"  ...  shows her range, her strength, and her pure ability to hit the notes the first time, instead of today's inferior style of "stepping up to" or "circling around" them.  Even with a shaken confidence about her personal appearance for most of her career, she could blow you away when she wanted to!  I can't think of anyone else who comes close on covering Zeppelin' "Rock & Roll".  Certain voices are suited perfectly for certain bands ... Steven Tyler, Geddy Lee, Freddie Mercury...but aren't interchangeable.  Ann Wilson could sing with anybody.  She was diverse, she had range, and she could do whatever style was needed.  A consummate pro.  One of my biggest regrets is not telling her all that when I had a chance to meet her, but like I have done so many times around women...I just froze.  Dork!  So Heart fans, and fellow Ann Wilson fans.. .today, I salute you!