Today in 1986 the album 5150 was released by Van Halen, and I've heard people refer to it as Van Halen's "Most Successful" album.  I say "not so fast" !

While 5150 was their first #1 album ever, the reason for that was that their album 1984 only reached #2 because it could not knock Thriller out of the Number 1 spot.  Nobody else in the world was able to do that either.  But not only did 1984 out-sell 5150, but over time even Van Halen "1" did too.

5150 was a great album, no doubt.  I'm a huge fan of Sammy.  He took the band to a new level and added a vocal dimension that David Lee Roth couldn't match.  But before you dub 5150 their best ever, take a second to think that through...and don't "Jump" to conclusions.