34-year-old Renee Tarbuck of Queensland, Australia is an attractive, blonde bikini model, and an ecstasy dealer.

(Renee Tarbuck / Facebook)

The cops had been monitoring her drug operation for a few years, and back in May they caught up with her at a shopping center, arrested her, cuffed her hands behind her back and put her in a cop car.

Then they got distracted trying keep her three dogs from running into traffic. So she contorted herself to get her hands in front of her body, squeezed through the police car window, and took off. After that, she also took some selfies with the cuffs on her wrists, and sent them to a friend, who forwarded them to the police.

The cops tracked down Renee three months later and hit her with two new charges: Escaping lawful custody and theft. The theft charge is actually from her stealing the handcuffs she was locked in when she ran away. She was in court last week, and agreed to plead guilty to all her charges.

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