Next year's class of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees could include 6 Classic Rock artists that ALL should be in there already, but, here they are listed in order by fan votes so far:

1.  Cheap Trick     2.  Yes     3.  Chicago    4.  The Cars     5.  Deep Purple    6.  Steve Miller Band

It's comical that Deep Purple, Yes, Steve Miller and Chicago are not already in.  The Cars and Cheap Trick are certainly deserving as well, but their credentials overall are slightly less and some extra "wait time" is not too out of line.

Here's this year's new drama though.  The fan voting system has probably been hacked by someone creating an endless voting "loop" back in October.  They haven't announced what they are going to do about it, but for example, a typical day of fan voting especially the first week is around 400,000 total votes.  Day 2 of the first week there were 24-million votes and day 3 showed 82-million votes.  You be the judge.