Back in the day, when people got married they'd consummate their marriage like 14 seconds after the ceremony. Now that all of us are just humping our way through our 20s, the sense of urgency isn't quite there anymore.


A new survey found 52% of couples didn't have sex on their wedding night. That means the odds are better you don't get-it-on that night.

So, why not? Here are the most popular reasons:

  1. You were too exhausted.
  2. One of you got too drunk.
  3. There wasn't enough incentive. You'd already had sex with each other plenty of times before and there was no burning urge to do it after such a long and draining day.
  4. You would rather spend time with all your family and friends who were in from out of town.
  5. You got in a fight.
  6. You felt the day should be about love, not sex.
  7. You waited until the next morning instead.

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