On Tuesday, a woman in Pomeroy, Iowa named Rachel Kohnen went into labor, and her husband Ben started driving her to the hospital. At some point, a cop saw them doing 85 in a 55, not knowing that Rachel was in labor, he tried to pull them over. This is when Rachel told Ben she didn't want to give birth in the car, screaming at him to keep going... and he did.

So now they were in a high-speed chase, the cop called for backup, and police set up spike strips. Meanwhile, Rachel called 911 to try to explain, but they couldn't understand her because she kept screaming from the contractions.

Right before they got to the hospital, they hit the spike strips, which blew out all four tires on their SUV and the cops ordered them out of their car at gunpoint. Luckily, they realized Rachel was in labor, and got her to the hospital, where she gave birth about an hour later. So far, Ben and Rachel haven't been charged with anything and their new daughter, Hazel, is doing fine.

Here's the dash-cam footage: