This is a perfect example of how one bad decision leads to a string of bad decisions.

A guy outside Kansas City, Missouri decided to burn some garbage in the middle of a field. The fire got out of control. He decided to smother the flames by driving over them in his van, back and forth, until his tires caught on fire.

Which was bad news, because his van had a full tank of gas and the back happened to be loaded with live ammunition.

(Clay County Sheriff’s Office)
(Clay County Sheriff’s Office)

A cop pulling someone over nearby saw smoke from the fire and went to check it out. He saw the van engulfed in flames and heard the bullets going off inside.

Luckily the fire department put it out before it spread. The cop decided not to arrest the owner, but he might still face charges for it. The van was a total loss, but it looks like the owner won't be filing a claim, because his insurance probably won't cover it.

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