I'm not sure how the average guy would react if his wife or girlfriend started talking about sex dreams featuring his dead grandma, but this seems pretty reasonable.

28-year-old Casey Molter of Vero Beach, Florida got woken up back on November 24th by his girlfriend, who wanted to tell him about a crazy vision she'd had.

She said his dead grandmother was going to come to him in his dreams, and according to the police report, "commit an unusual sex act to him involving an adult erotic device."

Casey couldn't get the image of his dead grandmother violating him with a sex toy out of his head so he snapped. He trashed his girlfriend's 1997 Nissan Altima, let the air out of the tires, threw lotion around the inside, broke the side mirror, and smashed her cell phone.

When the cops came, he told them his girlfriend is a, "spiritual person who can tell a person about their dreams." He was arrested for criminal mischief.

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(Indian River County Sheriff's Office)