You know you've got a badass story to tell when it includes running a marathon and that's the least exhausting part.

Mike Stobe

30-year-old Gianclaudio Marengo is a recovering drug addict from Rimini, Italy. He and seven other people from his rehab center trained for the past several months to run the New York City marathon this past Sunday.

He actually did it, but since he was the slowest person in his group, he got separated. When he looked in his pack, he realized he'd lost his map and hotel key, plus he didn't speak a word of English.

So he slept in a park that night, while his team reported him missing.

He knew the group was flying out of JFK Airport the next morning, when he went there to meet them, security thought he was homeless, and kicked him out. So he got on the subway and just rode it all day and all night.

Finally, the next morning, a cop on the subway was reading a newspaper article about the missing runner and realized it was the guy sitting across from him. So he bought him some food, took him to the hospital, and helped him find a flight home.

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