This is some very weird behavior, even for a guy that was all messed up on drugs.


Police in Aberdeen, Washington were called to a home after the residents saw a man defecating in their driveway and then trying to get it on with a garbage can. The 25-year-old was unable to properly communicate with the officers, that lead them to believe that he had ingested a large amount of marijuana or synthetic marijuana.

The Aberdeen Fire Department transported the man to a hospital for evaluation and police did not arrest him. Officers later checked the driveway and found no "deposits" at the scene.

A witness to the incident said, "I was there when this happened last night he was found unable to communicate laying in the middle of the street not humping a garbage can all of his clothes were intact they found no drugs or paraphernalia on him and the poor kid just kept crying saying... all’s I did was smoke weed... I like to say thank you to the police officers who handle it accordingly you could tell that this kid was in need of medical attention.”

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