Somehow a guy on a plane this week found a way to make people even angrier than if he'd dared to recline his seat. Amazing, right?

A guy was coughing on a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic on Wednesday and at one point, he yelled out, quote, "I have Ebola!"

That was enough to get everyone freaked out. When the plane landed, a team in hazmat suits boarded the plane and escorted him off.

It took them about two hours to determine that he didn't have Ebola, he hadn't been to Africa, so none of the other 200 or so people on the plane were at risk of getting Ebola.

There's no word why he shouted that he had Ebola or if he'll be facing any charges. But we do know he cost himself a Dominican vacation, he's being sent back to the U.S. for more tests, just in case.

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