Tristan Gareau, a 21-year-old guy in Winnipeg, was driving a girl home from a first date when they saw a car that had just crashed into the side of a house.

They stopped to see if everyone was okay, and realized the 65-year-old driver was still inside, unconscious. Then the front of the car caught fire.

Tristan's only about 135 pounds, and the driver was more like 220. He says his adrenaline was going and he somehow managed to pull the guy out and drag him to safety. Then a few seconds later, the whole car was engulfed in flames.

The driver's name is Steve Guy, he's already out of the hospital. Guy got to meet Tristan last week to say thank you, and told him he's sorry if he ruined his date. Tristan said it actually did the opposite.

He and his date are together now, he referred to her as his "girlfriend" when he talked to the local news. He also said she's really into him, and joked that if you want to impress someone on a first date, saving someone's life isn't a bad way to go.