A woman in southeast China was hooking up with her side-piece recently, when her husband came home early from a business trip. There was nowhere to hide, so the guy climbed out her bedroom window.

Which would have been an okay idea, except her apartment was on the seventh floor, and there was no way to get down.

The window didn't actually have a ledge under it, he had to Spider-Man his way over to one. Then he sat down between two air conditioners, and waited for the husband to leave, but that didn't happen until the next morning.

When the husband went to work, he tried to climb back in. He'd been drinking the night before, and realized it was way too dangerous when he tried to do it sober. So firefighters had to tie a rope to him and pull him back in.

When they asked how he got out there, he claimed he didn't remember, but eventually admitted what happened. And obviously if we're hearing about it, the husband probably has too by now.

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