It's totally natural to have cold feet before your wedding. It is NOT natural to react like this.

23-year-old Tucker Blandford of Stamford, Connecticut was engaged to 23-year-old Alex Lanchester of West Midlands, England.

When she was about to go back to England after a year, he proposed and their wedding was scheduled for this last Friday in England.

But, one week before the wedding, Alex got a phone call. It was Tucker's dad, who told her Tucker was depressed and had killed himself by jumping in front of a car. Naturally Alex was devastated and broke down crying.

When she finally calmed down, she called Tucker's mom to talk about Tucker's suicide, but Tucker's mom had no idea what she was talking about.

It turns out Tucker was the one who called Alex, posing as his dad. He only faked his death to get out of the wedding. He'd told his parents he'd broken up with Alex when she went back to England, so they had no idea about the wedding anyway.

Obviously Alex ended things and called everything off, she says, quote, "He's shattered my trust and I'm not sure I'll ever be in a relationship again."