I have no memory of what I did for my 24th birthday. Not because it was so raging that I got blackout drunk, because 24 is such an inconsequential and forgettable birthday. Well, not for this guy.

A dude from Wixom, Michigan was out celebrating his 24th birthday at a bar on Saturday night, and he stole the bartender's phone. The bartender called the cops, and they pulled over the guy and his friends. At first he said he didn't steal the phone, then he threw it out the window.

The cops arrested him, and he told them if they didn't let him go, he was going to pee in their police car. They called his bluff and maybe they shouldn't have, because he unleashed a huge puddle in their backseat. Then he kicked one of the cops.

Now he's looking at charges for resisting and obstructing police, assault and battery on a police officer, and larceny.

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