This guy from Northern Ireland is trying to pronounce the word "specifically" and just can't do it. It sounds crazy but that word is specifically hard to pronounce.

Belfast lad attempts to say 'specifically'...This is absolutely hilarious!

Posted by Meanwhile in Ireland on Saturday, January 16, 2016

For people who's first language is not English, these are some of the hardest to pronounce words in the English language:

  1. Worcestershire (apparently said: wuss-ter-sheer)
  2. Specific (I think everyone has troubles with that)
  3. Squirrel (for anyone with a German accent)
  4. Brewery
  5. Phenomenon
  6. Derby (said darby)
  7. Regularly
  8. February
  9. Edited
  10. Heir (it’s not air but neither is it hair)