Two years ago, a 47-year-old guy in Wales named Alan Knight was accused of stealing $67,000 from a neighbor with Alzheimer's. When the cops tried to investigate, Alan checked into a hospital, and said he kept having seizures and slipping into a coma because he's a quadriplegic, which delayed things. Until they found out he's actually not paralyzed.

Recently, Alan went to his local supermarket. Cops used the information from his loyalty card to see what time he was there. Then they checked the security footage, which showed him walking into the store.

(South Wales Police)
(South Wales Police)

At that point, Alan was told the trial would happen even if he didn't show up to court, he didn't know about the video yet. So on Tuesday, he showed up in a neck brace with his wife pushing him in a wheelchair.

After they showed the supermarket video in court, he dropped the act, and decided to plead guilty to 19 counts of forgery, fraud, and theft. He'll be sentenced in about two weeks. So far, his wife hasn't been charged with anything.

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