On this date, give or take a few days, MCA records introduced Lynyrd Skynyrd to the world.  One of the greatest bands in rock history, while one of the most adversity-stricken bands in rock history...Skynyrd was the poster band for perseverance.  Imagine losing the founder and voice of your band at it's peak.   Imagine a death toll of at least 8 members during the bands active years.  And while you're at it, imagine what rock radio would have been like without Skynyrd all these years.  These guys made incredible music, and had the stones to continue doing it for almost 40 years in spite of a list of tragedies that would have ended most bands.  Yup... the next time Lynyrd Skynrd comes to town, whatever version or line up, I'm gonna be there screaming and whistling and clapping to show my appreciation not only for the show ...  but also for their guts!