If you've been growing a mustache for Movember, you might wanna shave that sucker off as soon as December starts tomorrow.

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Here are some gross things that could be hiding in your 'stache:

  1. Fecal matter. If you touch your mustache a lot and don't wash your face, it's probably covered in bacteria. Guys who just started growing a mustache tend to touch it more than guys who are used to having one.
  2. Food particles. They're not always big enough to see, and one study found that facial hair can absorb about 20% of its own weight in liquid. So if you're drinking a beer, some of it ends up in your mustache, which attracts more bacteria.
  3. Lice. Unless your mustache is really itchy, you're probably fine. But lice and crabs do sometimes set up shop in there.
  4. Germs. You breathe out warm, moist air through your nostrils, which is exactly what germs need to survive. So your mustache can be a breeding ground for germs if you don't wash it enough.

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