I know you didn't ASK for my

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opinion, but this is the day that everybody gets to say what they thought of yesterday's game and other features.  So I'll give my report card too!

National Anthem:  "B"   Not as bad as I thought it was gonna be, Lady Gaga surprised me.  Now, one of my pet peeves is a singer "stylizing" the National Anthem.  I absolutely hate that, and it's a disgusting growing trend.  She did a little of that crap at the end which I didn't like, but I've seen much worse and been far more pissed than I was yesterday.

The Game:  "B-"   Too many mistakes and bad plays by both teams, BUT Denver's Defense?   All I can say is "Wow" !!   The Bears, The Ravens, The Steelers, and now The Broncos are the best Defenses I can remember in a Super Bowl game.

Halftime:  "D"   Dull, not worth watching.  I can't believe I was actually looking at Bruno Mars as it's savior.

Commercials:  "C-"   Practically none of them moved me or made me laugh.  The Doritos ad was the best.  Seal and the kids was good.  And there was another funny one that aired right after the game was over, but I can't remember who it was for.  Beer can cause that.

Post Game:  "A-"  Glad for Manning; not sad for Newton.  Peyton is a class act and the way he handles questions, plus his gracious treatment of competitors, coaches, teammates, etc. should be an example for  others to follow.   If he retires, the NFL will lose yet another role model for how to play the game and conduct yourself with class.  Cam Newton is too much of a clown for my tastes.  Some like his antics on camera, etc. but I don't.  He's young and he may outgrow some of his tendencies.  That aside, his day will come.  He's a good QB.  Oh Yeah, and it was nice to have NO Tom Brady, and NO Richard Sherman this year!

So, what did you think?