56-year-old Sue Stenhouse is the director of senior services in Cranston, Rhode Island. At least, she was. She held a press conference earlier this month to announce a program where high school students would shovel snow for elderly people. And she wanted an old woman to stand behind her at the press conference.

Even though she's the director of senior services, apparently she didn't have a single old woman she could ask. So she had a male bus driver put on a curly gray wig, a dress, earrings, and lipstick. And he stood behind her during the press conference, with a nametag that said, "Cranston Senior Home Resident."

Which seems extra unnecessary, since there are plenty of old people out there who are so bored and would happily go to a press conference for their local government. Anyway, someone noticed, and word got to the mayor's office. Sue resigned from her job a few days later. She'd had the job since December of 2013 and was making around $55,000 a year.