You might say I have a sort of reputation for losing my belongings in large bodies of water. But for once, this wasn't my fault!

The Backwater Gamblers had their last water ski shows of the season over the extended weekend. During Sunday's show I had one of the girls wear my GoPro as she climbed her way to the top of the pyramid.

Here's Olivia at the top, the circled guy on the bottom is her partner Todd. They're a couple of the best skiers on the team.

Backwater Gamblers

While they pulled off the pyramid without a hitch, Olivia and Todd wiped out on their way into shore and my GoPro sank to the bottom of the Rock River. At this point, I've given it up for lost. Check out the video:

Fast forward to Monday night, the camera's been laying on the bottom of the river for a day, we've searched around using rakes and still haven't found it. The current could have taken it anywhere and every rock in the water feels exactly like a GoPro.

Luckily at the last minute my friend Mark showed up with his scuba gear. I'm thinking there's no way he'll find this tiny camera, the water is super murky and we're ten minutes away from showtime. No sooner had I suited up for the show then I was being paged to the stage.

Wouldn't you know it, there's Mark with my GoPro in his hand. He essentially found the needle in a haystack. Just look at how small this thing is: