This time of year, when I see an extended outlook weather forecast that has 40's as a high...I get a little giddy!  I start making plans for my garden (which I have yet to ever follow through with).  I get a date set for my families annual outdoor springtime party. Plus, I get excited about camping!!


The QCCA Expo Center has the RV & Camping Show this weekend, so I thought I'd forward a few hints for your camping experience.

#1- Use Doritos as kindling if you don't have small sticks.  Or paper.  Or gum wrappers. Now that I think about it...don't waste food, dum dum!  Use your head and find something that burns.

#2- Make a portable washing machine using a 5 gallon bucket and a plunger.  Just wash it first.  For that, I've got an idea for a portable plunger washer in which case you'll need a different 5 gallon bucket and some bleach.