A 29-year-old woman from China was at a zoo in Thailand on Saturday, where they let her kiss a snake. Unfortunately, it spun around and bit her on the face.

It wasn't poisonous, so she's okay. It latched onto her nose, and she has some pretty nasty bite marks. The best part though is how everyone freaks out, even the snake handler. The look on his face a half-second after it bites her is great.

Phuket News reported that she was taken to a local hospital where she received treatment. Thai media published a photo they said was of the woman, who reported has returned home to China, with several stitches in her nose.

The company apologized, saying the incident was a mistake, and was forced to $3,200 in damages to Jin. Police and Phuket Tourism and Sports officials have launched an investigation into the group and have warned against unsafe "cowboy" animal shows.