The Giants lost 2-0 to the Cubs last night at Wrigley after the game was called during a rain delay. The game was halted shortly before the bottom of the 5th inning, many are blaming the Cubs' grounds keeping crew for purposely messing up the set up of the infield tarp. When your grounds crew is more embarrassing than your 55-70 record, you've got real problems. We're looking at you Chicago Cubs.

“Look, I’m frustrated, beside myself,” Bochy said after the game was halted following a delay of 4 hours and 34 minutes — from 8:42 p.m. CDT until it was called at 1:16 a.m. “It’s a long and frustrating night . . . a tough night for everybody.”

The Giants likely will file a protest with Major League Baseball, saying they were told everything would be done to resume the game. For at least the final hour of the delay, the field was untouched except for a guy using a rake.