Ghoulish Guide – Haunted Places

(Supernatural Occurrence Studies)

Bachelor's Grove - Midlothian, IL

Located in a remote section of Rubio Woods Forest Preserve in Chicago, Illinois, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is home to an incredible amount of creepy, unexplained phenomena.

The cemetery was built 200 years ago and for many years was undisturbed. As time past it became increasingly abandoned and was a target for vandalism.

All forms of paranormal activity- from strange, inexplicable lights, to floating apparitions and ghost-like ectoplasm have been reported.

One of the world’s most famous ghost photographs, seen at left, was taken in the cemetery and features the Madonna of Bachelor's Grove.

Moon Point Cemetery - Streator, IL

Moon Creek Cemetery Moon Point Cemetery, aka Moon’s Point Cemetery or Moon Creek Cemetery, is older than the Civil War and legendary with those who like to tell ghost stories. It was thought to have begun as a family cemetery for early settlers Jacob Moon and his family. The cemetery’s most-talked-about ghost is called the Hatchet Lady, a female apparition of a woman who, as legend has it, often visited the cemetery to watch over her son’s grave after he died during the Civil War. When she died, her ghost took up the vigil, carrying a hatchet. She has been heard yelling or whispering earnestly at visitors to “Get out!” Other reports say a ghost boy and strange dancing lights along with red and white orbs appear here and in the surrounding areas. The sound of sarcophagus lids moving and other strange noises have been reported as well. Because of vandalism, local residents and police take great care to prevent people from trespassing at night when the cemetery is closed to visitors.

The Rainbow Bridge - Lake City, IA

South of Lake City there is a bridge that is no longer in use. The story of the Rainbow Bridge is that If you leave a sealed candy bar on the middle of the bridge at midnight, then come back a few minutes later you will find the candy wrapper but the bar inside will be completely gone.

Warlock's Grave - Woodbine, IL

There's a cemetery on a hill that when we were in school holds what we called the "Warlocks Grave". The graveyard itself is gated off like a cow pasture and on the right-hand side of the cemetery there are approx. 20-30 tombstones that face east/west but in the upper most corner of the cemetery on the left hand side there is one grave that faces north/south. This is what I have to call the most evil place I have ever been in my life. Just being there gives you chills because it is so odd how this person buried here is segregated from the rest of the grave sites. The epitaph on the tombstone is one of the creepiest parts of the experience. It reads and this is exact, I have it memorized, "Pause Pause dear friends as you pass by, as you are now so once was I, as I am now so you must be, prepare yourself to follow me." The tombstone itself has 3 candle holders and the story was if you went there at night and put the candles on the stone and light them the flames will turn a multitude of colors. Around the tombstone there are, or were, several of what look like smaller stones. The story I was told was that they used to line the hole dug for burying with these stones to hold in evil. The man buried there was born in Whales and died, if I remember right, in the 1840's but it might be the 1890's.

DIRECTIONS: Take 67 N to 30 in Clinton. 30 to 84 on the Illinois side. Take 84 all the way up to US 20. Go East on 20 to Woodbine. Travel through Woodbine to S. Scout Camp Road, take a left. Follow Scout Camp North to East Welsh Road (it's a gravel road) About a 1/4 mile down on the left it looks like there's a driveway. Take that gravel path as it leads off and up a hill to Welsh Hollow Cemetery.

***NOTE: The gravesite stone has been removed the only thing remaining is the name plate for the deceased. The name listed is Vaughn.***

Cry Baby Bridge - Monmouth, IL

Townsquare Media

Story goes that there was a fatal accident on the bridge involving children. If you put your car in neutral in either direction their ghosts will push your car slowly across the bridge. It is also said that if you sprinkle baby powder on your bumper you will see their little handprints in the powder afterwards.

Directions: Take 67 south toward Viola. From the stop sign in Viola, go exactly 18 miles on 67 and you'll come to 230th Ave. (230th is 2 miles past of the entrance to Lake Warren Camp ground) Go right on 230th Ave and travel 1.5 miles and take a left. Go down the hill and you'll see the bridge.

"HELP" in the pavement from the man who was buried alive - Hollowayville, IL

I-80 to 26. South on 26 into Princeton. To Rt. 34 and Rt. 6 junction. Take 6 east about 8 miles. Right on 2775 E. The cracks in the pavement said the word "HELP" but since then, the road has been resurfaced. "HELP" has been spray painted on the ground where it used to be.

LaMoille Cemetery - LaMoille, IL

Follow 92 west to junction 34. Then 34 west to cemetery. There is said to be a glowing tombstone in the cemetery.

Oakdale Cemetery - Eastern Avenue, Davenport, IA

The Annie Wittenmeyer section of the cemetery contains children killed in the fire at the orphanage. The rumor is you can hear the children screaming.

New Bedford Cemetery - close to Walnut, IL

Ghosts of a man walking his dog & also features the "witches tombstone".

Take Rt 92 west toward Walnut or Mendota. Two miles before reaching Rt 40 take road 600 E St. south for 2 miles (it's just after you cross the Hennepin Canal). Cemetery is on the left.

Tower of Old Scott County Jail - 4th and Ripley, Davenport, IA

There are rumors of hangings in the tower. Screams and the noise of people being hung.

Octagon House - 6th and LeClaire, Davenport, IA

The Octagon houses in Iowa were used for the Underground Railway. A slave, according to folklore, was killed in the tunnel at the Quad City house and you can hear him scream to this day.

Muscatine Cemetery - Hershey St., Muscatine, IA

The steps on the south end of the cemetery change count every time you walk up or down them. This only works at night.

Close to these steps, there is a mausoleum with a statue of a female on top of a cement coffin. There are blue stained glass windows around the outside. The story says that if you go there at night, and look into the glass door, the moon shines through and makes the statue blue. If the rose in her hand turns real, and she drops it, you are supposed to die (she used to have a rose in her hand, but it's gone now).

Schoolhouse Teacher - Princeton, IA

Take LeClaire Road out of Eldridge east to a "T" intersection, go left. Take the first gravel road on the right cross the bridge. Rumor is you can see the ghost of the teacher in the middle of the bridge.

Oakland Cemetery - Iowa City, IA

There are rumors that the Black Angel in the cemetery was originally white and turned black because of her unfaithfulness to her husband. The angel is different from other angels in that the head is facing downward, instead of upward towards the heavens like all other angels. For more information about the Black Angel visit these sites: Lost DestinationsPrairie Ghosts , The Black Angel's Thumb Story

Riverside Cemetery - Moline, IL

There is a tombstone at the top of the hill that will glow during the night. There are also rumors that the tombstone will turn 180 degrees and face the opposite direction.

Cambridge Apartments - Clinton, IA

These apartments used to be an old army hospital. People have seen a soldier dressed in a green army outfit that has said things such as "This is my room, what are you doing in my room?" Another person stated that her child kept saying that an a man in a green army outfit wanted to play with him. Other strange things will happen like doors opening and closing, televisions changing channels on their own, footsteps in the hallway, and people in vacant apartments. These apartments are located on the North side of Clinton just off of 67.

Rochester Cemetery - Rochester, IA

People have spotted a woman dressed in white roaming around this cemetery and the road leading to it. People have also spotted the previous cemetery caretaker who was murdered. He can be spotted new to the patch of wildflowers that grow in the cemetery. This cemetery can be found by taking I-80 to exit 267. Go north on route 38 for 1 mile and look for Cemetery Road on the left. The cemetery is about 1/2 mile down the road and graves are on both sides of the road.

Haunted Dorm Room at Loras College - Dubuque, IA

Here's how the story goes: A guy was dumped by his girlfriend and was so distraught he poured kerosene in his room and set it on fire. The inside of the door to the room has the image of a skeleton wearing a cloak and in the background is a woman with very long hair and a sad face. A Dwyer & Michaels listener's son actually lived in the room and told a story of being woken from a deep sleep and not being able to speak or scream and something that he couldn't see was holding him down to the bed.

Wilson Junior High - Moline, IL

A guy committed suicide across the street from Wilson Junior High (1301 48th St.) in Moline. Grass doesn't grow where the dead body was found ten years or so ago . If you walk down the hill about 90 feet there's a patch in the shape of a body where grass will not grow.

Abley House - Council Hill, IL

Take Rt. 20 into Galena. At the stop light go East and you will run into Stagecoach Trail. Stay on that for five miles until you come to Hollow Road. 3-5 miles on that road will take you to Kelly Rd. which will take you into Council Hill. Go over the railroad tracks and down the winding road, and you will run into the Abley House. All of the electricity has been shut off to the house, but at night, you can see lights going on and off for no reason.

Oak Knoll Cemetery - Sterling, IL

If you go North on 40 through Sterling, about five miles past the Candlelight Inn, you will see Oak Knoll Cemetery on your right. Between midnight and one in the morning you will see an old bus there, and there is a light that appears from inside the bus. Before long the light will turn into the whole bus glowing.

Greenwood Cemetery - Muscatine, IA

If you walk down the center of the cemetery you will hear the sound of footsteps running at you, but when you turn to look at the direction the noise is coming from you will see nothing. A strong feeling of being watched and followed is felt. There have also been reports of a strange scream that seems to come from the other side of the cemetery.

Holy Cross Cemetary - Anamosa, IL

Behind this small graveyard on a hill there is a grouping of trees that will lead you to one big tree. where it is said that many hangings occured. The area with the trees is said to be an old Indian burial ground as is much of Anamosa. Some have seen orbs and shadowey figures.

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