A 7-year-old girl in Tampa, Florida was in her front yard playing with her grandmother last week, when their German shepherd started acting weird. It turns out he was trying to protect them from the rattlesnake.

The dog's name is Haus, the family just rescued him from a shelter about two months ago. Luckily Haus protected them, but he got bitten three times on the leg. So they drove him straight to a vet, and pumped him full of anti-venom.


It looked like he might not make it, but yesterday the family found out the treatments have been working, and they were planning to take him home today.


Apparently anti-venom is pretty expensive though, each dose costs around $600, and he's been getting about five a day. Plus it cost $1,000 a day to keep him in intensive care. So over the past week, that's about $28,000. Someone started a GoFundMe page, and as of last night, people had donated over $50,000 to cover the vet bills.

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