You know the old saying, "If it's got t*** or tires you're eventually gonna have problems with it." Well, my friends, this isn't that weekend. The 32nd Annual Rod and Custom Auto, Motorcycle and Products Show is primed to bring a touch of carefree Summer into your January. Head out tot he QCCA Expo Center today or tomorrow!

There's just something about the shiny smooth fenders reflecting the lights, the smell of fresh paint and spending some lazy time looking through classic car and bike memorabilia that says 'Summer' to me.

Pick up a 2015 Classic Car Calendar, and check out the featured cars at the Calendar Car Corral. Talk to the owners and find out how your car might be featured next year. The calendar models will be out there as well, today from 11-1 if you'd like to have your favorite month signed (All of the months are my favorite.)

I've spent the last 2 days at the Expo Canter, really checking out the displays and talking to the car owners. Take a few hours today or tomorrow and do yourself the same favor.

No problems.