53-year-old Marilyn Caezza of California is facing a narcotics distribution charge after federal agents intercepted a package containing pot and hash that she mailed to her 17-year-old granddaughter.

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Last month, a postal manager in Bullhead City, Arizona contacted federal agents to report that a parcel sent from California was “emanating what was believed to be a strong odor of marijuana.” The parcel was addressed to a girl who is identified as “Jane Doe” in a criminal complaint.

After the teen gave cops permission to open the package, a postal inspector found a wooden, heart-shaped box with the inscription “Somebody loves you…me.” The box contained a “green medical cannabis bottle that contained suspected marijuana” and a “vial of a brown substance that was labeled ‘Calif Hash.’” The bottle was sealed in a plastic baggie labeled “Happy Stuff.”

The seized marijuana weighed .06 pounds.

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