You know you come from a fun family when step dad starts showing of his drinking prowess.  This rivals any party trick you've ever seen or attempted.

A 60 year old man places a pint glass on his forehead with the promise that he will be drinking it without using his hands.  Slowly & gingerly, he bends backward to lie on the floor.  His legs come up & grabs the pint between his knees.  With his forehead, he positions and rotates the glass as he does a slow back roll.

This is amazing.  He is my new hero & I want him to come to my Christmas party.

When your 60 year old step dad bets you he can place a beer on his forehead and drink it without using his hands or arms.............. And he totally kills it #stepdadgoals #happythanksgiving #nailedit #bendoregon #yogaworks

Posted by Alyse Schiedler on Saturday, November 28, 2015