In 1978 all four members of KISS released their solo albums on this date.  It was originally just kind of a "lark" but because of their popularity, everybody seemed to take it seriously!  Each album initially shipped 1-million copies.  Be Honest, didn't you or somebody you knew, run out and buy all four....????

Some interesting notes on them:  Gene's had the highest charting album (#22) and featured backing vocals on one track from "Peg Bundy" - yes Katey Segal.  Ace had the second highest chart position at #26 but the single "Back in the New York Groove" went to #10.  Paul was third at #40, but his album was all original music ...  and Peter had the lowest chart success at #43 but his album was the only one that had TWO songs released from it as singles.   So what was your favorite....?   Mine - Ace's by a nose!